Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years and plans-

(Christmas did come to the Nielson home)

Happy New Year my sweet faithful readers and supporters!
Thank you dearly for such an amazing 2010 year.
It was wonderful, wasn't it?
It was hard. It was painful, then, really painful. Of course it was fabulous, a year of changes- good, bad and sad. It was romantic, and hilarious.

For those of you who read my other blog 'Nie and You', I am announcing my new "You" reader on New Years Day for the 2011 year.
I am excited for you to meet and get to know another friend far away
(from me anyway).
Also, a very happy and dear thank you to Katja of Germany who was the 2010 "You"-
I will miss her.

Also, I am extending the sell of the 'Nie's first calendar' to mid January.
You can buy it on the sidebar or below:

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!
My Christmas post review will be up next year- ahhhhhhh.