Thursday, December 09, 2010


(The burn indicator sheet)

Mr. Nielson and I were invited to the amazing Maricopa Burn Unit to visit a beautiful family who has also had a tragedy in life which has put them among the amazing peeps in the burn unit.
Her name is sweet Nadine.
A young, beautiful, vibrant woman.
Now she is wrapped up as I was in a coma in the Maricopa Burn Unit in Phoenix.
Just like I was.

(Bears for hope. They were giving these out to the children at the burn unit)

I asked her darling aunts and sweet husband, if I could see her.
I had a chance to visit with her alone in her room for a few moments.
I got geared up in the medical garb which is a standard for someone in her condition.
I stood over her bed in tears.
She looked beautiful. Her face was not burned, and I looked at her telling her over and over that everything will be alright. I told her that her daughters needed her, and her husband missed her and they all felt so heavy-hearted without her.

Then I thought about my own family and husband who spent hours and hours right by my bed side praying and crying for me.
And then I thought about all of the prayers and good wishes
people like you were sending me while I lay in pain.
I am sure we can do it again.
Check out Nadine's story here.

(Christian in the burn unit)

I am going to send Nadine a calender for her room.
Hopefully it will give her and her family extra strength to go forward and feel hope.
Get yours here. (below, or on my sidebar)

Also, tomorrow is the last day I will receive any handmade Christmas items for this.
On Monday December 13th through Saturday December 18th
I will showcase your homemade gifts.
Again, I have to remind you, that I cannot include all of your beautiful homemade treats.