Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Homemade Christmas Day Three

Homemade Christmas day three!
Hold on to your hats, this is a good review!

(me and my man)
I hope Mr. Nielson is not looking at this review- but I bet he is. I really wanted to give him this sweet picture that J+M made us for Christmas. They can make you one too- just send in any photo, and they will turn into this very cool pop art. Go here to learn more

How about these dainty little earring made from clay!
My favorite part of these earrings, besides the funky colors, are that I can see thumbprints
in the earring. It makes them officially homemade- and adorable.
Go here for more information.
Free shipping when you buy 2 or more.

Alacrity Designs makes the softest, cutest tee shirts for little boys-ever!
Again, it is a good thing that Nicholas can't read because he is going to DIE when
he gets this sweet shirt for Christmas.
Check out her site for more goodness.

(Rodeo tee)

Today I had to mail about 20 packages.
It was a really good thing I had this bag to assist me.
Its cute, its helpful, and it is big.
Its perfect.
Go here to pick your favorite assistant at the grocery store!

Cute headbands that my girlie's love!!
Cutest snowflake decoration for my fireplace
I love glitter. Coolest glitter garland which reads "noel"
Do you have a baby, then you need to go here to find everything for baby.
More cute baby neckties, and pretties!

I opened up what seemed like a treasure chest.
Beautiful colors beamed up at me like jewels.
The most gorgeous pins or hair clips you've ever seen

(Gorgeous flower clips/pin)

I received the most precious creation I have ever seen.
It represents the love in my family and I hold it dear to my heart.
Thank you so much Autumn!
Order one for your family here.

Jimmy has a new collar thanks to Classic Hound!
Also, this is a great way to pick up your dogs duties-
We love this since we never do this anyway. Its a good habit to get into
And very responsible, I might add.

(Jimmy's leash duty bag)

As you may know, I have some awesome scars on my face and neck.
At this point, I am kind of proud of them.
But in the cold they really hurt.
BrassyApple send me some beautiful scarves which layer and look adorable.
Now, I can cover my scars and still feel proud.

(brassyapple scarves)

Have you ever loved a necklace so much?
Now, I have.

(AbbyJeanne necklace)

I make lists.
I have to hand write them too.
So when I received a bunch of awesome lists to help keep my life organized,
I was so thrilled!
I keep mine on my refrigerator, and I have a few others
on the side of my microwave.
It keeps me sane!
Find your favorite here.

And a weekly planner and meal organizer

And last but not least (we have 2 more days left of this)
Emily King art. Modern paper cut images.
It is beautiful
Check it out here.
I love the colors, and the way it makes me feel-happy.
I put them up in the girls room, and it matches perfect with their style.
Thanks Emily- read a great interview about Emily here.

Come back tomorrow, for more homemade love!

Oh, and of course, you can buy MY homemade 2011 calendars below
(or on my sidebar)