Thursday, December 16, 2010

Homemade Christmas-Day Four

Good Day!
On to Day four of our happy

Homemade Christmas!

Lets begin with the cutest mini ninja.
The re-purposed ninja came from a old pair of pants.
He is Nicholas' new best friend.
Find him and others here.


How about a reversible homemade headband?
They are the cutest fabrics and so fun to change them to coordinate with your outfit.
Pick your favorite here.

(this may or may not be Nicholas wearing this adorable headband, I put it on him while he was watching TV-)

The Mad Hater sent me one of my favorite objects in life.
Cake plates.
This cake plate is not like anything you have ever seen.
With three tiers and room for a tea cup, this creation had me smiling from ear to ear.

Vintage posters.
Perfect for your bedroom, your kids bedroom, or your living room.
Check out the assortment and choose from bright colors and catchy sayings.

(the best posters ever)

Do you have a really cute baby?
Then you need this really cute onesie!

And how about this adorable crocheted owl to go along with
that really cute little baby of yours.
Or in your owl collection, like me.
My cute friend Joanna makes them, and other things.
Go here.

(LittleLu makes cute owls)

How about a growth chart for your children?
My kids have been marking on our walls- now we have a chart
to keep us updated on how much taller Nicholas is going to be over Ollie.
Check them out here.

The best jam ever. Here.

Vintage Pearl-one of my favorite jewelers made me this sweet, romantic necklace
that I plan on wearing on my anniversary getaway this weekend.

(Vintage Pearl)

Talk about darling art to put in a babies nursery.
This will be perfect in my cute niece Vera's room.
But the Nielson kids in the tub-perfect for my bathroom.
Katherine's art here.

How would you like your family around your wrist?
Check out pickture that to create your own- or one for your
Mother who lives miles and miles away. (coming your way Mom)
Enter "NieNie1" and get 55% off your first order!

Adorable handmade creations by Laura Miquelon here.

(cute decorations on my tree)

As you have noticed, I am in love with bow ties and ties for my boys.
I think they are very sophisticated and simply adorable.
I couldn't decide on which company I liked the best-
but sure makes handsome ones.

(sooo cute bow tie at

Have you seen Eli's lids? Well, if you know of a little one who loves hats,
check this place out!

I am also a big fan of clutches-espcially with color!
Thanks to Katherine at Mint Lane!
Check her out here.

(my cute clutch)

And last today, the CUTEST and I mean, cutest! Pj's in history.
Sweet Natalie sent me some for each of children.
It's Christmas Eve Pjs- oh ya!

Go here to order yours!

Come back tomorrow, for the last day of Nie's Homemade Christmas!