Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade Christmas Day Five-final day

The time has come, to "wrap up" this Christmas cheer.
I hope you had a fun time browsing all the homemade beauties that were made.
I had such a wonderful time reviewing them.
Some of your gifts that were not posted, I want to say I am sorry. I did get quite a few.
But, there is always next year.
Also, I am donating some of the goods to families who wont be having much
of a Christmas this year. I hope that will be OK with you-

Lets begin with some amazing art! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the art of
Suzanne Cabrera.

She sent me her retro-inspired "Sneaker Series".
I have framed them and put them in the play room downstairs.
They are colorful, interesting, and perfect for the room.

The gals at have done it again. This time they created cute shoe clips
for your favorite heels.
Go here to order the heart clips.

I received this adorable little notebook full of "found" objects.
Vintage papers, lace, and anything old and rusty. Arlene puts them together into bound books.
I am going to write in it and then send it to my best friend. Hopefully she will do the same.
Soon we will have a beautiful, "old" book about our lives as best friends living miles away.
Its coming to you Lindser!
Buy one for you here.
(the coolest notebooks around)

A very talented friend of mine gave me this beautiful necklace with her
artwork inside. I am going to gift it to my daughter Claire.
Claire will adore it. It reminded me of Claire.
The inspiring work of Krista is displayed here.

(Krista's work in a keepsake necklace)

I have tried for years to make a cute boutonniere pins. Never could.
Luckily my sweet friend Meg sent me a couple for us girls and one for Mr. Nielson.
They are beautiful. Made with quality, and simply homemade.
Thanks Meg!
See her talent here
and her blog here.

(from the Princess)

I felt so honored to receive this beautiful frame with our family name.
Thank you to the Girls with Good taste! I love it.

(I Love my new entry-way picture)

I hope I can have a baby girl,
Mostly because I want her to wear these darling pink boots.
Get them here.

(Hooliehoo boots)

Speaking of babies, how about this modern baby rattle?
I am liking it. A whole lot! The cherry waldorf wood is so organic and fun!
My baby is going to be set when she/he comes (please come!!)

Check out baby alouette for details.

Oh, another favorite:
The little Chickadee pulled through and managed to send me some wonderful
things. Among those things was the
The captain silhouette papercut.

(...and the awesome shadow puppet cards)

**Want to know a secret? Go here to find the coolest, must-have for you computer nerds**

Last, how about the cutest wooden camera you have ever seen-
My friend Mitch and her husband make these adorable creations.
Visit them at twigcreative.

If you ordered a Nies first Calendar, I will be at The Sweet Tooth Fairy from 11-1:00
Saturday afternoon to talk with you and sign them (if you want).
You can also buy your calendars at the store.
If you buy a calendar, you can also get a VaNIElla cupcake for $1.50!
Lets talk and eat cupcakes together.
Draper store located here

Buy Nie's First Calendar below

A few other sites that are cool, creative and homemade:
g.a. design
Tiny Sprouts
Snap Stories
Lemon drop lane
Add it up designs
Whistle Bird Collage
Sticks and Stones
Bobby Farm
Missionary aprons
Curl Covers
Mary had a little party

I lost the tag/letter of who made me these AWESOME prints.
I love LOVE them! Claim them and I will give you a shout out!