Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homemade Christmas Day Two

Ready for round 2?
Lets start off today with this:

This adorable mobile (which I want to give Jane for Christmas) is perfect for anyone in your household who has a hard time falling asleep at night.
Jane, (who has a hard time falling asleep at night) can gaze up at this mobile
until her little peepers close.
Go here to find the perfect one for you.

(whimsical mobile under Jane's bed)

Go here for the darling plaid ties
I wanted to put this perfectly holiday plaid tie on my new nephew Freddie.
But, Freddie is not here yet. Sung as can be in Lucy's tummy.
So, Jimmy became my model.
I love these ties, nice quality and right now, the holiday ones are too cute to pass up.

(Jimmy in bow tie)

Does your Mr. (or you) have a tiny laptop like my Mr. does?
Well, I have just the cover for it!
Check out daisy bags to get one to cover your best friend up.

(Mr. Nielson with his new laptop cover)

How about just about the darn cutest pillow you have ever laid eyes on?
And for a boys bedroom-perfect. Or mine.
Go here for the ABC pillow, or a bunch of other extremely darling pillows.
(abc pillow in my entryway)

Read Oh Happy day and her review on Nie's First Calender.
You can buy yours here on my blog. On the sidebar or below.

I think I may have found my favorite lip gloss:
The Glossy Mint Lip Balm.
Love the plumping lip tingle!
Check out here for some dang cute holiday little chickies hair clips.
Our favorite: the poinsettia clip.

Here is the truth-
My next review was sent to me in a big box. A gift for each of us in the family.
I was so excited.
I only opened one and fell in love. It was made for Oliver.
It is so so SO adorable. I was being very selfish and I threw the rest
under the tree- as a surprise.
I am so so excited to see what we all got from Evys Tree.

(Thanks to Evys site for this awesome photo)

I have this adorable friend. Her name is Emerson.
You may know her from her beautiful site at EmersonMade.
It is SO worth checking out.

(One girl cookies in Brooklyn, NY)

Well, today I got in the mail something from Emerson's sister.
She sent me some whoopie pies.
Holy toledo. They were to die for. She bakes out of Brooklyn, New York
and sends them out. Go here for your slice of holiday goodness.

And to finish off this days homemade goodness,
Try a clip or two-or other homemade lovelies from here.
My favorite? The cute woodland tie.

(Jane with adorable hair tie)

Also, come to the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Draper on Saturday (December 18th)
to purchase " Nie's First Calendar"-(that's me, Nie)
I will be there to sign them, (if you want-I feel so silly saying that)
and we could eat cupcakes together too- Sounds like my kind of afternoon.
Draper directions here. 11:00-1:00.
More information on later posts

P.S. I am sorry I use the words "cute" "cutie" "adorable" "sweet" a lot for this review-
Actually, just get used to it we have three more days of this.