Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few stragglers...See you at The sweet tooth fairy!

It is Saturday- A week left until Christmas.
I had a few other Christmas homemade lovelies to share with you:

These are the most beautiful handmade felt hats around.
I love mine! They are classy and super cute on-
I think every lady needs one. I really do.


My most very very favorite bag EVER!
The darling Petunia Pickle Bottom CAKE series.
Oh, the room, the blessed room and the colors, oh the colors.
I don't have a baby, but I do have a diaper bag.
That is OK. I say so.
Every woman needs a big bag.

(The cake bags come in all sizes and shapes.)

If you ordered a Nie's first Calender, I will be at The Sweet Tooth Fairy from 11-1:00
this afternoon to talk with you and sign them (if you want).
You can also buy your calendars at the store.
If you buy a calendar, you can also get a VaNIElla cupcake for $1.50!
Lets talk and eat cupcakes together.

The Draper Sweet Tooth Fairy is located below.

I will see you there.
Thanks again for such an amazing week of wonderful homemade gifts. I hope this little guide helped you or inspired you as it did me.

Here is a gift I just received from sweet Courtney S. Look at the detail.
I adore it so much!

Merry Christmas!
Order your Nie's First Calender below.

And, remember the cute state prints that I love here?
I found who makes
Get your favorite places to proudly show in your house.