Wednesday, December 08, 2010


(me relaxing with numbing cream ready for the laser gun)

Mr. Nielson and I returned home from our fun filled trip from Arizona.
Hours before we left, I had a Dr. M's sweet laser gun on my face just like Mr. Nielson had done.
It hurt kind of a lot, but I used my yoga breathing and I pretended I was having a baby and I had Mr. Nielson rub my temples, to help relive the pain-it only kind of worked.
Now my face is swollen and it feels like I have a serious sun burn on top of the serious 4 and 5th degree burns I previously had.

It is midnight now, and I am home.
The minute I walked in my door, it smelled like dead mice.
Swollen sunburned face and dead mice.
It's good to be home.

Honestly though, I cant wait to see my chickens in the morning.