Monday, November 08, 2010

Staying my little babies/Nie asks on BlogHer

(Nicholas with the gigantic elephant head)

After kissing the boys goodnight I turned off the lights and slightly closed the door.
I walked down the hall where Mr. Nielson was hiding in the corner. He grabbed me just as I was going up the stairs.
His embrace was warm and gentle and very welcomed.
It was a long day.
And it was over.
"Over" is the best time of the day for me when I lay in bed close to Mr. Nielson, safe and warm.
But at that moment we were on the couch downstairs. Mr. Nielson told me how much he loved me, and then we sat quietly in the dark listening to our boys talk to each other in bed and the girls giggling down the hall.
We both agreed it was the happiest noises ever.
Then we both began talking about how Claire was almost ten years old
and then in ten more short years she would be twenty.
Too fast for us. Wayyy too fast.
I felt a sudden urge for more babies, like at least 5 more. I wish.
I just can't stand the thought of my Nicholas growing up big.
I don't want him to ever get hair in those certain places on his body.
I don't want his voice to change, or his lisp gone.
And when the children begin dating?
Forget about it.
Mr. Nielson will rip and I do mean RIP into Claire and Jane's boyfriends.
I will try and be gentle on those girls after my boys.

(The girls playing with cousin Lydia. Trying on lipsticks, growing up)

Once Mr. Nielson had a girlfriend who one day was really mad at him, so she drove to his house (car on the lawn) and begin yelling and then hitting him.
Mary my mother in law, and half the family were inside watching out the window.
Mary did what any suitable mother would do, and photographed the incident.
(By the way, where is that photo? Mary do you have it?)

Photos are your only hope to keeping your babies-babies.
Or sneaking pictures of your children doing awesome things.
How about a spiffy lens to help you?
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Nie asks on BlogHer:
What do you see out your window this morning?

My lawn is covered in golden Burch leaves.
Go here to show me.