Monday, November 15, 2010

My top 10 Thankful's

I am still in Mesa, Arizona.
The weather is very lovely. In fact just to have some fun, we turned on the AC just because we could. A very fun moment.
But, since it is the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to post what I am most thankful for this past week,
Not shown but things I am still am grateful for:
Boss's Nielson guacamole, the darling dress Grandmary made for Jane's doll, Lindser and Spency, The Godmother and Godfather (Andrew and Reachel),Mindy Gledhill, and my dear sweet sister-in-laws.

1. My darling girls at the Mindy Gledhill shoot.

2. Me with my adorable blue dress from EmersonMade.
3. Nicholas with his bachelor jacket and mustache
and my sweet little niece Vera behind Mr. Nicholas.

4. Autumn in my backyard outside my window
5. Mr. Nielson retires his yellow shirt he has had since we were married.

6. My sweet pea Betsy
7. Family Home Evening with Oliver conducting

8. SNOW in Provo

9. Mr. Nielson cuts Nicholas' hair in his undies.
10. Mr. Nielson and I go to the temple and I get to wear a coat.

To photograph what you are thankful for
enter to win this awesome Tamron lens here.

*********NieNie asks on Blogher:********
What are you thankful for today?
Me? All of the above.