Monday, November 01, 2010

My little Hallowee"nie"s/Nie asks on Blogher

Halloween around my house was just as fabulous as ever.
I had not one, but two Ironman's, a Cleopatra and a sailor-ess.

It was a typical, scary evening in Provo. It rained most of the afternoon with a very gusty Halloween wind which picked up the yellow leaves around my house like glitter.
It was amazing.

(Halloween Scenes at our home)

I took the children trick-or-treating while Mr. Nielson watched football-I mean, handed out treats to the other little trick-or-treators.
Nicholas only had to tinkle twice during our evening out.
It was no problem, I just had to take his coat, gloves, hat, and costume off behind
a couple few lucky trees along the way.
Then he got really tired and I had to carry him on to the last 7 houses.
Like I said, no problem.
We were all glad to be home where Mr. Nielson had a
cozy fire in the fireplace for us all.

(The kids unload near the fire)

Then Mr. Nielson and I tried to watch Rear Window but we fell asleep.
Happy Halloween anyway!

NieNie asks on Blogher.
This weeks question is:
What are you most grateful for today?

Me? I am grateful for the color that dresses the trees in the Autumn.
Go here to answer.