Thursday, November 04, 2010

I am still that Mommy-lady.

(Asleep with my babies)
Yesterday I found myself at Anthropologie.
This time I went because I was eager for the Christmas decorations to arrive.
Sadly, they will arrive today and I missed the set up.
(But I did see my dear friend Reachel and baby Coco visiting from Arizona!)
Patrick-the-amazing-manager gave me my very own little Christmas peep show.
I am so excited about it all of it! I love this time of year when all of us everywhere do everything we can to make our homes look pretty.
We decorate with glitter and sparkles and lights.
I am so looking forward to Christmas this year.

While I was shopping I was looking around near the front register and a little boy came up and held my hand. I looked down at him in wonder. The little boy thought I was his mother.
Boy was he shocked when he looked up to see me!
But you know what? He just held my hand and asked me if I would help him find his mommy.
It was the sweetest thing ever.
I feel like a monster sometimes because kids see me and point or laugh or ask their moms why I look so funny, and seriously it hurts my heart.

I know we all are mothers no matter what the circumstances we are in.
It was so vivid to me when my children had to "re-meet" me after the accident.
It was so awful, and I hope no one ever has to endure that pain.
It was really hard at first, but then with time, they remembered that I am still that mommy-lady who can make them laugh, and I am still the lady who knows where their shoes are half the time, or who makes lists on paper for everything we do
(job charts, grocery lists, to-do lists, and fun to-do lists).
But mostly because I still love them if not MORE than ever before
and I want them to feel it.

(Making our Night Out list together while Mr. Nielson and Ollie are camping)

And love is what changes trying times into bearable times, and hard moments into a good learning moments. Love is where I know I am safe and happy, and I want that for everyone-no matter what they look or act like.

But, that is just me.

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