Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Nielson/Homemade Christmas/Nie asks on Blogher

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband.
(sorry to have ruined this handsome photo of you)
I was going to write down a few reasons that I love you on this post.
Instead I will shut this computer off and show you (wink)

**Nie asks on Blogher**
What is your favorite Thanksgiving picture?

(Claire in Grandma's tub)
Go here to show me yours.

To all
homemade lovers and makers:

I am committing a whole weeks worth of posts starting December 8-13th
just to anyone who makes and gives homemade gifts.
Do you make something you'd like for me to review and blog about?
Send me your product and the Mr. and I will graciously review it and tell
potential buyers why they NEED what you can make.
Plus, I really like the idea of a homemade Christmas, don't you?

Use the PO box:
(2250 North University Parkway, #4876 Provo, Utah 84604 )
to ship your review product.
I would love an e-mail from you telling me why I should review what you
have and can make, oh, and the story behind the product. I love stories!
I am so excited but at the same time sad because I get a lot of beautiful, wonderful homemade crafts, however, I can't post them all.
Just so you are aware.
This opportunity ends on December 5th-