Friday, November 19, 2010

A fine weekend

(Ollie finds himself in the new Matthew Mead Holiday issue)

Friday- The loveliest day of the week!
Here is on my weekend list:

1. I received my Holiday Magazine from Matthew Mead.
As some of you may know, my sweet family is featured in the magazine. So naturally when it came the children and I sat on the couch oohing and ahhing at the beautiful pages.
It is so graphically beautiful. Each of my children took a copy to their teachers at school.
Jane's teacher told me she had the magazine in the classroom and has been amazed at how the children go to it to browse at their free time.
Pretty cute if you ask me.
Get yours here!
And a very happy happy Birthday to the best editor ever- Linda!!

(Pictures in the new Matthew Mead Holiday issue)

2. Planning meeting for Thanksgiving dinner with Claire and Jane
over the phone with Mom in St. Louis.
Recipes, decoration ideas, and traditions. Oh my!!

3. Attending Time out for Women in Salt Lake City Friday evening.
I am planning to speak on tour with the 2011 group.
More information and dates here.

4. Attending the opening of the new Sweet Tooth Fairy store in Midvale, Utah.
(1140 Fort Union blvd)
Bring your family and come celebrate!
Also, my calendars will be there to be sold.
Come pick one up!

And here's to hoping that my Martha Stewart Christmas comes in the mail along with her Everyday Foods December issue.
Oh, and that my children will do their Saturday jobs.

Happy weekend!