Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Claire + 10/29/01=9

(My girl turns nine)

(Before and After.
Each girl had a cake plate to decorate their own personal cupcake)

Claire turned nine. It is true. She planned her whole party.
The fairy made Claire chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with tubs of that divine frosting.
Mr. Nielson took Claire to buy all the candy she could possibly want to go on top of those cupcakes.

I wanted to photograph the girls with the birthday girl behind a white sheet.
Then the I read this book out loud while the girls dressed up and acted it out.
And then, Mrs. Bones came for a visit. Mrs. Bones is Cjane who came to scare the girls just as she had done when Claire turned 5...quite a highlight.

Beautiful girls.
Claire's birthday gifts included:
this...this...this..this...this...and this.