Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet me in St. Louie/Nie asks on Blogher/Homemade Christmas 2010

(Nicholas helping me fit my skiing boot)

Wow, what a weekend.
And no, I never even did Saturday jobs like I said I was going to make my children do.
Instead we went to the local ski shop and got geared up for the upcoming ski season. My first since the accident. I am nervous and excited and everything else. I know I don't have the strength I need, but I have the will.
Scott was the a sweet man who stayed extra long past his shift to outfit us and give us the advice we needed to spend our Christmas money wisely- Thanks Scott!

Tomorrow we are headed to St. Louis to be with my parents for Thanksgiving.
I will update my report from there. Can't wait to see them!

Now, I am in my bed with Mr. Nielson snuggled up close to me.
Our shades are up and out our window and under the street light are fast and furious snowflakes. I am so cozy and happy. I truly am.

I am so thankful for life. It is a gift from God, and I don't want to do anything to spoil that gift. When my family goes around the table during the meal, saying what we are grateful for this past year, I am going to for sure say life.

Last year I was in a hospital bed in New York City getting treatments from
the burn doctors there. You can read my story here.

Nie asks on Blogher- What will be at your centerpiece at Thanksgiving dinner?
I am pondering what to use as the centerpiece this year on our Turkey table. Any suggestions?

(perhaps this adorable church I found at an antique store)

Check out Nicholas' new puppy Wolfie here.
Do you want the Tamaron Lens for those Thanksgiving photos?
Go here.

Also, attention all homemade lovers and makers:
I am committing a whole weeks worth of posts in December to homemade gifts.
Do you make something you'd like for me to review and blog about?
Send me your product and the Mr. and I will graciously review it and tell potential buyers why they NEED what you can make.
Plus, I really like the idea of a homemade Christmas, don't you?

Use the PO box:
(2250 North University Parkway, #4876 Provo, Utah 84604 )
to ship your review product.
I would love an e-mail from you telling me why I should review what you
have and can make, oh, and the story behind the product. I love stories!