Thursday, November 11, 2010

All our bags are packed.

I am writing from Kanab, Utah sitting next to Mr. Nielson
in our family-mobile as he drives us to Arizona.
The children are all piled in the back nestled next to Jimmy who is so
happy to be along for the ride.
(Wearing their seat-belts)
The children have asked if we "are there yet" about 20 thousand times-EACH
and I am not kidding.
We are on our way to Mesa where we will stay for the next few days to hopefully relax!

Actually, we are going there becuase Mr. Nielson is going to host Mindy Gledhill's Anchor concert this Thursday (for more information, go here).
The girls and I are also going to be running in the 5k that will benefit skin cancer.
Me in a race- oh you bet! The first race since the accident.
Another first! I am nervous, but so so excited!!
Information about the run here.

To all of you who ordered a copy of "Nie's First Calendar",
Thank you, thank you so much.
Just a reminder, the calendar is on sale until December 31st and will always be available to buy on my sidebar over there---------------------------------->

****A special 'thank you' to my sweet Megan of Shabby Blogs, she was so awesome to design the calendar with me.
I love you Megan! ****
Thank you Yo Gabba Gabba for hosting the Nielson children at your Salt Lake City concert!!