Saturday, October 02, 2010

Recapturing Beauty at BYU {photos}

Here are the photos of the devotional I gave a BYU.
I still can't get over the amount of people attending, just to hear ME and my experiences.
I feel so silly having to read my talk. Sorry if it was jumbled and not understandable!
(Because it totally was, I know)
Thank you, thank you. I love you all! Really, I do!

-All photos taken by the amazing Justin Hackworth-

Me, walking out after the devotional with my "bouncers"- thanks guys.
Thanks to BYU, and everyone who coordinated this amazing experience.
Shall we do it again minus the boogers, crying, and gross pictures I showed?
I have tons of amazing other experiences that I want to share!!
See you soon, all of you!


PS. for all of you who are wondering if the devotional will be re-broadcasted, yes.
I was miked and filmed, and yes I am going
to warn you again:
(Mr. Nielson even told me) My nose was dripping...
FYI ;)
Thanks for asking, I will post it when it comes up!