Friday, October 08, 2010

October Hayride 2010

Every October, we head down to Andrew and Lucy's farm to spend a evening on Andrew's orange Allis Chalmers. We pick pumpkins, eat chili and scones, and laugh. Lots of that.
This year was a little cold and damp, but nothing could ever discourage this party from happening!! Here are some pictures:

(Dinner is served ; Sugared scones for dessert)

(Lisa and kids pose for the camera, Andrew and topher pretend to laugh for my picture)

(Claire, Hugh; Topher; Jane runs through the field)

(Claire and her pumpkin; Mr. Nielson in the patch)

(I found my beauty)

(Lucy, Betsy, Clark, and winkin courtney, Lisa, Topher, Page, Emma, Liv)

(Ollie, Mr. Nielson; Lisa, Page, Liv; Jesse, Alex, next row, Ollie, Andrew, Betsy, Topher, Margaret)

(Jane, Claire find their pumpkin; Nephew and skier- extraordinarily amazing- Clark on Mr. Nielson's lap)

(Andrew is a regular ol' farmer)

Lovely: The rain, wind, thunder and lightning
Horrible: I did 5 loads of laundry today

P.S. if you have a Madson bucket bike, be on the look-out for our first annual
Madson Bike rally! coming late October!
Also a chance to win your own bucket bike!
Be on the look out.