Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mothers for Mitt

Should Mitt Ronmey choose to run for President, he's got my back (hunchie too...r.i.p.)
Mr. Nielson and I attended a PAC meeting for the dashing and very smart Gentlemen.
We got to take our photos with Mitt, and of course after the initial meeting/photo,
I went back for more.
I just wanted one more photo with him, this time on my iphone.
He of course obliged and then, handed my iphone to his bodyguard.
Then very politely, he smiled again for yet another camera-invasion.
And then out my mouth came:
"Sheesh, are you so sick of doing this with people"
And he simply said
"Oh no, this is part of the job, and I like it"
We'll then I say the job is yours.

I also met his son Josh and his wife Jen. Very down-to-earth, real people.
They are so supportive of their father and adore him equally.
I am hoping to be involved with Mitts campaign- should he choose to run, of course.

I am taking this by storm and calling it:
"Mom's for Mitt!"
(more on that later)

Then after the gala, and on the way home
I took really funny pictures of my legs in the car.
This photo made me laugh almost all evening long.
It looks like the witches leg in the'Wizard of Oz',
you know, the legs Dorthy sees under her house after the twister.