Monday, October 18, 2010

Madsen bike winner & rally/NieNie asks:

M a d s e n b i k e w i n n e r s!

The out of state winner- Evan.
He wrote this adorable e-mail to me, and this is why he was picked: "...(wife)...has given me so much, 2 beautiful boys and one more on the way and she’s supported me financially and emotionally while I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with my job and the schooling".

Sounds like your wife seriously deserves a

And locally,

Winner # 2-Stacy.
"I have a 8 year old son, Mitchell, who is slowly losing the ability to walk due to a brutal disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I would love the thrill of seeing him ride on a bike, the only way being a passenger!!!! It would be awesome to see him in the bucket of a sweet looking Madsen bucket bike- the wind in Mitchell's jet black hair, the big gapped toothie grin on his happy face, and best of all- hear him laugh.

Is that the sweetest ever? Mitchell and Stacy certainly deserve a

All of you who entered, thank you! I had so much fun reading the thousands of e-mails about why you wanted a Madsen bucket bike. Some of your e-mails were so funny, some of them were so sweet, and a bunch of them made me cry.

You are welcome to come to the rally at the park, to check out the newly updated Madsen bikes.
See you tonight.


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Is it OK to dress your pet up for Halloween?

I never have dressed Jimmy up for Halloween, but if I did, I'd dress him up as a clown- for sure.
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