Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It was the best day ever until it turned bad.

("Y" trail)

This morning I woke up fresh and happy. It was Monday, a new start to the week. I had a whole list of things to do that would occupy my whole day, I nearly got past the second.

# 1. I went to the dentist.
If you are searching for a good dentist, I suggest you go see Dr. H, he is wonderful.

#2. After getting a few fillings replaced, I decided to hike the "Y"-my favorite trail to climb.
( I saw him riding his bike, Go Cougs)
The weather was amazing and the presence of Autumn added spring to my step.
I was hiking faster than I thought I could possibly go.
It was awesome. I even passed a few people.

I had brought my iphone so I could listen to Pandora. I typed in "Rachel Portman"
(my favorite composer) and I tell you what, listening to classical and beautiful music is so much more inspiring than what I usually listen too.
My mind was awake and thinking, and I am pretty sure I smiled the whole way up.

(up the "Y" trail)

Time: 24:07-to the top.
Which is really good for me (you know in my condition)
On my way down however, was not so good. At turn 7, I swallowed my juicy fruit gum, and then at turn 5, my foot lost its gripping and I slid, basically I didn't have the balance to save myself, so my whole body slid on to my left side. I crashed.
For a moment I lay there, my body hurt all over and I was so nervous as I started to feel pain. I sat up and looked around. Good. No one was around, so I figured I'd cry, since that is the natural feeling that took me over.
I stood up and looked at the damage. My skin grafts were exposed and ripped open bleeding. From the palm of my hand all the way down to my ankles blood seeped through my pants and sweatshirt.
I bawled the whole way down.
I got home and curled in a ball and boobed for a solid 1/2 hour.
I cried mostly in madness. I am not able as I used to be. I used to hike and run everyday, my body was so obedient to my heart, and now it does things I cant control.
My flexibility is lost and my balance pretty tipsie.

At home, my bones needed to be nursed back to health, so I came home and feel asleep.
I slept most of the day. I was discouraged and frustrated that my body had failed me.
Just now however, I realized how foolish I had been. My body did not fail me, but rather is triumphant and amazing. Just 2 years ago I was holding on to life burned beyond comprehension, and now I am doing everything I wanted and more and I couldn't be more grateful.
It just hurts.

(My elbow among other sore places)

Mr. Nielson made dinner and did two loads of wash.
I think I'll eat and go back to bed.