Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am alive/NieNie asks on Blogher

(The girls ride their bikes on a stormy Sunday)

Sunday, ahhhh Sundays. Yesterday was Sunday.
The day of rest...except when your house is a dump like mine.
Seriously, it was.
I woke up late and scrambled to get my kids ready for church.
I found them all in pj's downstairs eating candy from the
BYU homecoming parade the day before.
They were also watching a movie about "Cosmo" the BYU mascot.
It was 9:09. Church at 10:00.
I practically pushed my children into the shower-all together. (They're still young).
But, when church was over and the house picked-up,
I crashed at home and watched the sky.
I marveled how beautiful it was.
The great big thunderclouds and the autumn wind that smells like
fireplace smoke and ripe apples.

Its great to be alive, right?
I decided I love two things that happen around me everyday:

1. Lights on the mountains. I love when the world around me is dark, but high in the distant mountains, a light flickers. Who is up there? I always like to pretend it's me and Mr. Nielson snuggled nice and cozy by a warm fire (not too close though).
2. When cars run over dried leaves in the streets.
I love watching autumn leaves crumble then scram like
glitter following behind the back end of a car.
But you know what I love most of all?
He created the world in which our family together enjoys.
I love having the knowledge, that family is central to Gods plan.
And together we are central in this beautiful world.
And we are all lucky.

Today on NieNie asks:
What makes you lucky?

My answer, my children.
The black head, the orange head, the brown head and the yellow head.