Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few Halloween plans

(Andrew, my handsome brother at the Madsen Bike Rally, photo by Justin Hackworth)

First, I'd like to thank you (you know who you are) for coming to the first annual Madsen Bike Rally. If you didn't come, shame on you. You could have seen the amazing new cargo bikes Mr. Madsen has created. But there will be next year. Plan ahead, now.
Photos of the evening will be blogged about later.

(Christopher-my other handsome brother, at the pumpkin patch)

I also want to tell you a few activities I will be attending this spooky Halloween season.
(most of which happen in Utah)

1. Dracula. This will be really awesome for a few reasons:
a. My brother Christopher is directing it.
b. My brother in law Chris K is in it (Cjane's husband).
c. It is at the castle in Provo. Did you know Provo had a castle? Well, I guess you will have to come and see for yourself. Get tickets here.

(The ghost bride photo taken off the Heber Railroad website)

2. Haunted Heber Railroad. Up Provo's canyon is a train called 'The Heber Railroad' (or called the Heber Creeper). But did you know, that the Heber Railroad turns into the Haunted Heber Railroad? Oh yes it does!
Spooky people walk up an down the train isles all the while we pass spooky graveyards and other very strange Halloween scenes out the window. Its fun, and spooky, and crowded.
Get your tickets now, here.

(Sarah Jane art framed on my piano)

3. Sarah Jane Studios art. My friend Sarah Jane is one of the most amazing artists I know. I love Sarah Jane's work because she draws children and other seasonal pictures, and they remind me of my childhood, and I love that. I have two of her darling Halloween pictures she drew framed.

Tomorrow, I will share with you other activities I think are
positively worth mentioning on my blog.