Wednesday, October 27, 2010

feeding the sick.

I had three bad dream-ers in my bed last night and one sick child. That is five people in a bed (just in case you needed help with the math). Then I spent a few hours on a hard cold bathroom floor rubbing Jane's back while she contemplated throwing up.
I guess Jane was really sick after all. Like, kind of really, sick.
She stayed home from school and sat on the couch with red eyes watching the Disney channel.

Ollie has been "suspended" from school since we are lazy parents and haven't taken care of his immunizations. Honestly, these past 2 days home from school has been bliss.
Just to have a buddy for Nicholas to play with longer during the day.
Sadly, he is headed back to kindie-garten tomorrow.

I worked a few more hours on my "special project" and I can't wait to unveil this long-waited project.

Now, my body is exhausted. Seriously. I hope I don't come down with anything funky. But I believe that we can learn from almost every situation from life, and hopefully for the first time too. Leaning "it" the first time means we don't have to do it again with pain. But we will still have to endure it. (like being sick, or stressed or whatever).
Now when I get sick, it is just another awful learning experience and I have to believe,
that something will come of it.
Like right now, its telling me that it's time for bed...yes, at 8:00 p.m.
Now, that is a great lesson.

(me, really tired glued to my computer)