Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas ideas coming to you in October.

Have I ever mentioned to you that I have such amazing and talented friends, well I do, and I want you all to see what they can do. Since Christmas is just around the bend, here is a little preview to get some ideas for your loved ones...or for your husband to get for you.
So, here are my amazing talented friends doing amazing talented things:

1. Matthew Mead. If you don't know Matthew, he is a very wonderful and successful artist. You can find his work in Country Living, Country Home, and other magazines, to name a few. Matthew and I collaborated this year and are coming out with out a holiday magazine-but practically a book, lets call it a "Book-azine".
The shoot was taken in Phoenix, Arizona at the one and only Smeeks novelty store (not to be confused with "adult" novelty, of course).
I am very excited about this project. We all have worked hard to create this magical special holiday issue, and I'd really like everyone to have one. They will not be on newsstands, and only ordered through Matthew's blog. Buy yours here, and buy one now...seriously do!

2. EmersonMade. I have blogged about Emerson and her very darling husband before. But Emerson just sent me this and this and this. I was so excited. She is a fantastic creator and she lives on a farm. A farm for pete's sake! I wear this shirt everywhere and the jeans look hot- you will love them too.

(Stars by Kurt)
3. Kurt Knudsen. Kurt makes the stained glass stars I have hanging all over my kitchen windows. (here). They are gorgeous, and since the holidays are coming, I think you should check out what he has to offer. You will be seeing more of Kurt on my blog before 2011. Kurt is being a doll and donating 20% of his proceeds to the Maricopa Burn Unit in Phoenix.
Obviously, this means a lot to me personally and I adore him for it.
Kurt is also giving away my favorite star (or one of them, anyway) to a lucky winner.
Comment on Kurt's etsy page and he will pick one of you lucky ones so you too can own a
Kurt Knudsen original.
(See blog sidebar for more details--------->)

(Serena's Christmas book. Photo from Farm Chick website)
4. Serena Thompson. Serena is the original Farm Chick and writes for Country Living Magazine. She has fabulous ideas and just sent me her new Christmas book. Oh boy, I think I want Halloween to be over so I can start Christmas. It is a beautiful hard-cover beauty. I promise you want one.

Best of luck on these fantastic finds. Love you all, Stephanie