Tuesday, October 26, 2010


(Ollie and Mr. Nielson's camping boots)

Another long day today. I was so busy working on my new special project. So busy in fact, that someone actually rang my doorbell and I sat there and kept on working. I am pretty sure I yelled a child's name to answer the door. That child was downstairs watching a movie and didn't hear me. But, I was so busy, that I didn't even get up because I actually forgot.

Over lunch, Mr. Nielson told me the goings on at the annual "boys deerhunt campout" with Oliver and some of my brothers and nephews. It sounded in one word: miserable.
Rain, snow and mud caked their gear (which is still on my front porch). But Mr. Nielson was so proud of Oliver. My sweet little boy hiked with the big boys up about 5 miles to the camp, and back down. In horrible weather.

Mr. Nielson said that Ollie never cried, except when he slept with bubble gum in his mouth and woke up with it all over his face and hair.
He also cried the whole hike home because he missed me. He missed me!
I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.

(The boys on their way up)

Then Claire called me from school to tell me that she wasn't feeling so good.
Actually she called me like 4 times to tell me. Each time I would tell her to call me in one hour and if she still felt gross to call me. And of course she always did.
So, I went to pick her up and she and Jane ran outside with backpacks and coats on.
They were coming home no matter what I said.
To be fair, Jane actually did look pretty sick.
Claire-well not so much.

I took the girls to Jamba Juice to help them "feel better".
Boy, do I remember those days of pretending to call my own Mom to come pick me up from school because I was "sick". She would tell me to put my PJ's on, lie on the couch. She put on classic movies and let me play with my paper dolls.
Then she offered a little sprite and popsicles to help the upset stomach.

She was never too busy for me. NEVER. I don't ever want to be too busy for any of my children or those I love. So, I am sorry, to whoever came to my door. I was too busy, but that is no excuse. (assuming I knew and loved you).