Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BlueLily photo/video.

Remember the sweet photo shoot we did at Sundance in Utah?
Well, along with the beautiful photos, Tyler of BlueLily made us a video of the whole experience. It turned out beautiful. Better than beautiful, it was a fulfillment of a dream.
(Now that's saying something.)
BlueLily photography is offering this amazing photo/video to anyone who wants to remember their photo session and admire their very beautiful children on video.
I still cry when I watch the video BlueLily made of our recent rendezvous photo session.
It makes me so happy, and gosh dernit, my children are so beautiful, if I don't mind me saying so myself. Check it out.

By the way, that beautiful song was written and sung by Mindy Gledhill.
It is called "Hourglass" featured on her new album.

Here are the dates for the BlueLily World Traveler Tour:

Japan, April 22nd-23rd
, April 1st- 13th; GoPro workshop, Melbourne, April 8-9th
New Zealand
April 16th
, May 19-22nd
, May 26-29th; GoPro workshop, London, June 3rd-4th
Ireland, May 31st & June 1st
, June 7th-11th
, June 14th
Italy, June 17th
British Columbia, July 29-31st
, August 5-10th

Do you live in these areas? If so, get a hold of Wendy and have your family photos taken along with a video to remember the lovely day with. A perfect scrap book video, a perfect bragging video, a perfect video to send Grandma, oh so many possibilities!

BlueLily site
BlueLily blog
(with more photos of the session.)

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( are you sick of me yet?)***