Wednesday, October 06, 2010

9 pounds in October

Dear child of mine,
You came to me, four years ago.
Laying on my bed in Arizona, out you came plump and pink as a piggy.
You were mine. My Nicholas Jones. My 9 pound child.
And I was in love.

(You just minutes old on my bed)

Disaster struck just short of your 2 year mark.
But, I am here now my little piglet, here with you. You will always be mine, no matter the cost.
And, we will always sing Rabbit in the forest and read books and I will chase you around the house just to see your face and hear you scream.
And, I will always love you.

(Me chasing you in the hallway at home. Then you becoming Godzilla and ripping the camera from my hands).

Happy Birthday to my one and only Gigalaus.