Monday, October 04, 2010

3 simple steps/NieNie Asks on Blogher

(He's the boss, and he is at my house)

I was lucky enough to have some visitors at my house this past weekend.
Of course they were here to attended this, however,
they also they caught the devotional I gave at BYU.
Marcus and Unicorn stayed over and now
Boss Nielson and St. Mary are here spending a few days in the room next to ours.

My in-laws showed up right after conference, of course there was nothing cooking on the stove or anything rising. What was I thinking? I should have been a delicate hostess with my apron on, filling tummy's. Instead, Mr. Nielson made a variety of delicious Sunday dinner vegetables.

My cute nephew Jacob joined the dinner which Mr. Nielson made for everyone. I made the peach cobbler, just for the Boss- he loves that stuff. Actually, I am just trying really hard to be his favorite daughter-in-law is all really.

Projector Dave played legos with Nicholas.
Unicorn played paper dolls, and helped Jane decide how to make her Halloween costume.

I am out of gas. I know that we all feel that way sometimes, and its not just because I have some "medical conditions" that make me worn-out (although is helps).
I know we are all physically and emotionally exhausted, which is why
I am going to let you in on a few secrets of mine:

1. Make a "Quiet Time" sign and put it on my front door when I need a nap, or down time with the boys. There is no reason why quiet signs just have to be for napping children.
I suggest you take full advantage of it too.

2. I make home a priority. Nothing ever comes before my family time. Nothing.

3. I leave at least one day a week of nothing. No house-work, yard work, errands, shopping, computer, and cooking (among other things). Life just comes as it comes.

If I can do those 3 simple steps, I feel so much better with myself, and my energy is easily distributed to the things that really do mater at this point of my life.
You know, like playing legos and stuff.

(Projector Dave and Gigs play legos together)

Monday's Question on NieNie asks on Blogher:
What is your favorite No-No breakfast?

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My sister-in-law Lisa made me these delish sweet rolls.