Thursday, September 23, 2010


(Oliver and Mr. Nielson's boots)

Mr. Nielson was back at it today.
He got dressed and put on his boots.
We had some help today getting sprinklers in the backyard.
note: I hate yellow, hard, and itchy grass.
One of the workers sang the song by Emineme and Rhianna about "burning". I hate that song for pretty obvious reasons.
I felt really uncomfortable.
I am still trying to learn how to handle certain situations like that or when the APX man told me that he'd rather drown than burn. Then he told me that burning sounds awful and his "friends" told him it hurts really bad. Really?

Mr. Nielson and I are headed to Arizona today to visit with Dr. L and Dr. M. We are excited to see those geniuses. Hopefully they will have nothing but happy things to say. For example:

Oh Stephanie, you will never need surgery again, just take this special magic pill we invented and all your problems will go away.
Stephanie, you look beautiful and we will never have to
poke you with needles ever again.

But I doubt that will happen, but maybe I can get Dr. L. to sing for me.

After dinner was cleaned up and showers all around, all of us lay on my bed discussing where the children would be farmed out to while we are in Arizona. The kids hate when we leave especially Jane. I think the accident was the hardest for her. She is worried a lot, and concerned that I will have another accident or look different or never come back.
We told her that Mr. Nielson was having a laser treatment to heal his facial scars and she looked at us with a blank glare.
"What scars?"
She meant it too.
I don't think the children see the scars anymore.
It feels so good, and I know they accept me, scars, odd looking neck and all.

We kissed everyone and told them to keep cousin Anson in their prayers.
Ollie asked why bad things happen to people.
I told him the classic answer, that through trials we learn and grow.
We talked about folks we know who have had trials and Jane said:

"Like me, becuase tonight I just found a zit on my thigh"

If only....

Then, Oliver took pictures of Nicholas post tub.
I erased probably 20 pictures of naked Nicholas.
Although he managed to take these very classic photos of my blondie boy.