Monday, September 27, 2010

The treehouse/NieNie asks on Blogher

This past weekend was a do0zy.

I jotted down some of the highlights
(which I will share in another post).
But just for a slight preview, it included: a missed flight, a stupid movie,
and a unhappy husband. Deadly weekend.

(Good morning Jane and Claire)

However, Mr. Nielson slept with the children in our newly built tree house.
This tree house does have a name, and it will be
unveiled in a few weeks with a ribbon-cutting dedication.
(But really, I just want to tie a big red ribbon around the tree).

(Nicholas's sweet rats nest. Its a sign he slept well)

(Still sleeping to Nicholas)

Here are the pictures of the night.
It lasted until 7:10 am when all 4 Nielson children including Mr. Nielson woke me up by climbing in bed with me. Their frozen bodies slapped up against my warm-in-the-bed-body.
It was a very sweet (chilly) moment.

(Mr. Nielson's sweet pulley design for the tree house)

(Sending up popcorn to my family with the pulley)

Today I ask you on NieNie asks on Blogher this:
When do you think its OK to decorate for the Holidays?

As for me, I decorated for Halloween yesterday and as soon as Halloween is over, I will decorate for Christmas (with a little Thanksgiving involved).
We are so excited for Halloween, we even downloaded some free games for my iphone, including this one from Pottery Barn.