Friday, September 03, 2010

Tender Mercies

(Nicholas 4 1/2 and 2 1/2-picture by Wendy Whitacre)

I had a tender mercy today as I was reading e-mails from you.
I got a very sweet e-mail from Ashley who lost her baby; 18 month old Preslee.
One day alive and perfect, next day gone.
Of course I think about my own baby- who is not really a baby anymore.
His chubby little hands remind me that he will always be MY baby.
(Once the chubby fingers are gone, its time for another I always say-
please, please, please, please).

Nicholas loves me like crazy. He really does. He smooches on me, and jumps on me, and tries to feed me. It is a blessing. It seems like I always talk about this: (so forgive me), but SO many LONG awful days in the hospital would come and go. All I would do was cry, and mostly because MY baby Nicholas didn't even know me. It was heartbreaking- so every time he does those (sometimes ruff) acts of love. I think of them as the Lords "Tender Mercies" in contrast to what I remember in room 12 which was sad, crying, praying, sleepless nights, crazy medications, no hair, and being alone.

So while Ashley misses Preslee, and you and I have other trials, we can remember that God is in control, and our pain can and will be made light if we just pray, take day by day, and look for Gods hand in everything.
These tender mercies that you and I have are not random. They are not by coincidence either. They are Gods way of showing His frequent love to us.

Spiritual Enlightenment here.
Check out Mindy Gledhill's "Anchor" music video.

It is just beautiful, and now I will proudly announce,
that the motorcycle Mindy rides,
is Mr. Nielson's baby.