Monday, September 20, 2010

My Sundee

(Sunday's bloody sun due to a wildfire in the distance)

Let me just share with you all how a typical Sunday will go down at our house, (but my Dad says Sundee...I bet yours does too. Ask him to say Sunday, he will most definitely say Sundee)
Indulge me please and act really interested:
9:00 am- wake children up
9:15 am- shower children
9:45 am- feed children
10:00 am- dress children
10:45 am- get in the shower myself
10:47 am- tell whoever is coming in the bathroom and opening up my shower curtain while letting the cold air in to complain that "he hit me", or "she threw the ice cream scooper at me" to please just wait until I am out. Then I wonder why the ice cream scooper is out in the first place. Somethings going on.
10:50 am -Mr. Nielson comes home from Sunday church meetings in time to grab a piece of toast and hustle everyone in the car
10:52 am-putting my make-up on
10:55 am- Mr. Nielson honks
10:56 am- Mr. Nielson honks again
10:57 am- we park the car in the church parking lot
11:00 am- church just in time for the opening hymn. Late? I think not.
2:15- pm- home from church, everyone eats
3:00 pm- the kids watch a "church movie" (does Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman count?
Its claaasssic acting)
3:15 pm-Sunday naps
4:00 pm- the kids trash the house while I nap
5:00 pm- Sunday naps conclude
5:15 pm- I pick up the house and begin dinner
5:30 pm- itunes on (sundee classics of course) and peeling potatoes
6:00 pm- dinner table is set by "Claine"
6:30 pm- dinner is served

(me picking sunflowers on our Autumn color ride and yes, that is my real skin on my arms.)

7:30 pm- we all pile in the car for our family Sundee drive. (Autumn color tour). A tradition since I was a baby (remind me of the time my Dad almost ran over a biker-cop and ran out of gas AND we had to walk home in slippers and robes. It was awesome).
8:15 pm- home, clean up, kids in shower
8:45 pm- prayers, kisses, drinks of water
9:00 pm- kisses, drinks of water..repeat
10:00- pm snuggle with Mr. Nielson until I fall off to sleep.
Thank you all for your stories and e-mails I received from you about when you were terribly embarrassed when the next door neighbor got a glimpse of you in your fancies or something like that, it made me running into the carpet cleaner naked a cake walk.

(Nicholas overlooking Provo)
Its Mondee! Time for....
NieNie asks on BlogHer
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Me? I had peaches....just peaches.
From my very own tree. yum.
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