Friday, September 17, 2010

It was very unfortunate.

(I am ashamed)

Today the carpet cleaner man saw me naked. It was very unfortunate.
I was just fresh out of the shower and I opened the door and there he was.
I gasped and he said:
"oh boy"
and then he turned around and walked down the hallway.
I slammed the door and burst into tears.
I cried for a good 1/2 hour.
Not sure why, other than my body is a little strange in appearance and I felt so so embarrassed.

I wiped my tears and went into my bedroom where I had yesterday's clothes lying on the bed. (all of my clothes live in the guest room where I have more room for them, unfortunately, the guest bedroom was getting cleaned)
For about 15 minutes, I did my best to dodge the cleaner.
Wherever he was, I was sure NOT to be.
I made a plan: when he was upstairs cleaning I went downstairs to the garage. I whispered to the boys that I was leaving. Then I snuck over to the front door where I had left my garden boots, slipped them on and put the pedal to the metal and left.
I left Mr. Nielson to pay him.
I wont be calling him again.
I went to visit Page to tell her the news and to baby me.
Instead she was drooling over pictures of her son Layton, who is away at college.
I am sorry to say, but I think she loves him the most out of her 7 other children.
Just saying...

I hope I don't run into the carpet cleaner anywhere in town.
But knowing me, I probably will.
Anybody know any jokes about being naked in front of a stranger?

On a happier note, the carpets look fantastic.