Friday, October 01, 2010

I felt like I had the whole world in my (hulk) hands.

(me at Mindy Gledhill's concert earlier this summer)

Early in the morning, I lay pondering about what I really wanted to talk about to the women who were going to come and listen to me speak at BYU.
I lay in my bed last night, my mind speeding a million miles a minute.
I was getting inspiration and so much of it all at once.
The accident had been so fresh on my mind.

I cried as I wrote my talk.

When I arrived at the ballroom and saw the amount of people crammed into the room,
then I really sobbed.
I wanted to copy Sally Field and yell to the crowd—
"You love me you really love me".

Then I cried throughout my entire talk. Nice.

There were so many women that they piled in the isles, standing in the back and wherever they could. I was in utter shock. Utter shock because I know that these are the same women who pray for me, and that is the best gift I could ever receive.
I wish I could have hugged them all.
My nose ran like a faucet, and I am pretty sure boogers ran down my chin and shirt all night, except I wouldn't know, since I don't get feeling in that area of my body.
In the crowd I saw beautiful faces, and I saw my family cheering me on.
Thank you for coming, all of you.

Being burned really, really hurts. It is painful and emotionally hard. But if you ever get burned, I sincerely hope that that you have the amazing amount of love from the amazing amount of people that I have been lucky enough to have.
I couldn't have done any of it without you.

Please listen or watch this. It will be amazing, I know it.
I am going to have a fabulous weekend starting tomorrow.
It is October 1st. The month I look forward to on November 1st.

Are you coming to this? It will be awesome!

Lovely: Listening to my brother Christopher laugh at my jokes last night in the crowd.

Horrible: All the snot that came out of my nose while I gave the devotional.
I am so embarrassed!