Friday, September 10, 2010

Who's the boss?

(Boss Nielson sharing his delicious guacamole with Mary and Mr. Nielson)

Boss Nielson walked into my house this evening
with his suitcase behind him.
From Arizona, Boss was in Salt Lake City for some meetings.
The children immediately jumped and hugged him. He gave kisses all around.

Its always a pleasure to see Boss Nielson.
When Russ walked in the front door dropping his suitcase,
he gave me those puppy-dog eyes and a big fatherly hug.
Then he asked how I am REALLY feeling.
Because he's the Boss and he really does care.

The Boss, remember, has had 11 children.
The Boss has been very successful in the work force and beyond.
He is wise and knowledgeable and always has very interesting stories to share.

I wanted to fill the Boss up with some good homemade minestrone soup.
I also wanted to cook him some fresh Utah corn (his favorite.)
The children ate all of the corn leaving the Boss only one piece.
Of course he didn't say anything, because he is the Boss.
So, I made his second favorite thing:
Peach Cobbler with peaches right from our backyard.
I gave him two helpings.
He deserved it.

Once, when I was visiting, the Boss made me his famous guacamole.
He whipped it up then sat down next to me and fed me chips full of his
green goodness. Now, THAT'S love.

He makes me smile and I feel very safe and comfortable in his presence.
Just like I do around his cutest son (my Mr. Nielson).
I thanked Boss Nielson for teaching Mr. Nielson how to do things like:
tie knots, make houses and tree forts, saddle a horse, fix boats, dig holes, drive a car, make a fire, and cook Sunday dinners,
and love his wife unconditionally.
(that last one takes a lot of work...I assume)

( Nicholas, Ollie and Mr. Nielson showing the Boss what an "Underdog" is.)

I Love you Boss Nielson.
Forever and always.
I will see you in a few weeks when I come to AZ to visit with
Dr. L.----OH BOY!
Have a lovely weekend.
I will be:
Painting my nails.
Changing my sheets with warmer ones.
Watching movies.
Praying for rain.
Stake conference.
Dinner with my brothers and sisters.