Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween is here.

(old fashioned pumpkins, my front door orange wreath with added feathered birds and,
my favorite Halloween books)

It's Halloween on B Avenue

I couldn't be more pleased.
This strange holiday is my favorite.
Something about decorating with pumpkins, and skeletons that makes it magical.
This year at my home, I went crazy masking everyone.

(Masks from the BeeAndNie on etsy)

I added petite masks to the clock, our wall decorations,
over pumpkins and even family photos on the wall.

(Claire in the entry)

(my cookie jar owl, anthropologie)

(4000 pound pumpkin on dining room table, bat runner from Pottery Barn)

(Birds hanging on my chandeliers in the kitchen)

And what better holiday than Halloween to pull out my collection of everything owls.

(owls sit on my classics's collection books)


Lovely: Getting a sprinkler system in the backyard.

Horrible: Being called a monster repeatedly
by a little girl in Target as we were waiting in line.