Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The day at my house.

(Nicholas watching Disney channel this morning)

Fresh out of the tub Nicholas watched "Handy Manny" on the Disney channel.
I can handle that cartoon (probably because Manny's voice is Wilmer Valderrama) but "Sid the Scientist Kid" -kill me and put me in a coffin. I hate that one.
It must have something to do with my inner Republicanism...I am not ashamed. Go Mitt!

(Me with Betsy Aurora (named after me, of course), and Ever Jane)

Then, I was lucky enough to have my cute niece Ever over.
I had Anson too, but I can't smoosh Anson's face like I can Ever's.
I held her most of the morning while Courtney went to a special get-together.
I didn't even need to, she would have been just fine to have played on the floor,
but I just had can't get enough of that baby goodness.

I am so excited that people even put me in the category of "babysitter" again.
I know for a while I was weak and could barely hold my fork, but now, I am all over it.
I assured Courtney that I wouldn't drop her and I promised to bend down on my knees if needs be. (I can't bend down so well. My legs have a hard time folding up- (enter yoga on Fridays).

Lucy dropped in for lunch. Of course we chatted while I ordered Cafe Rio online.
I love technology....(please tell me you know what I mean)
Lucy and I talked about Halloween decorations, pregnancy, and I shared with her my deepest darkest secrets which included the carpet guy seeing me naked.
Can you see how effected I am still...gross.
Then Bets ate about 5 peaches and probably has diarrhea as I type this.

Ollie came home from school, ate lunch with us, and went outside to help Mr. Nielson dig a hole. He is digging a rather large hole to bury our trampoline.

(Ollie home from school, eating lunch, and being adorable)

I made baked potatoes for dinner.
Its easy.
Monday is the day for leftovers and easy food from our bare refrigerator.
And since I am being honest, we caught 5 mice today in our house.
One right after another. I hate mice. I hate that they are in my house, and I hate catching them because I feel so bad for them, the poor little guys had no idea what was coming.

Then 'Projector Dave' came over to say hello. He is from Arizona, an old BYU football quarterback, a man who sells projectors and stuff, (he also looks like Robert De Niro), and a recent owner of a yellow lab. Congrats Dave and family.
My dog eats his own poo. I hope yours will not.