Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blue Lily's Balloons

I had a dream one night.
In the dream my family was being photographed by the talented Wendy Whitaker with big, colorful, fat balloons in the background.
I woke up and immediately e-mailed Wendy my inspired dream.
The stage was set.
Big fat balloons were coming all the way from California to be used at our regular spot-
The beautiful apple orchards at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, near my home.

One by one the balloons disappeared.
One out the car window, one out of Ollie's hand, two by Nicholas, and one by Jane.
We were down to five. Wendy and I got creative with the remaining.
Its OK. The pictures turned out perfect.
Here are some we took:

All photos taken by Wendy Whitaker from BlueLily photography.
Wendy and her sweetie Tyler are talking the show on the road. If you are near or in her neck of the woods, give her a ring. She is amazing.

Introducing her International Tour:

Perth, Australia April 4-8th
Melbourne, Australia April 8-10th
Auckland, New Zealand April 15-16th
Toronto, Canada May 19-22
England/Ireland/Germany TOUR May 26th- June 7th
British Columbia, Canada July 28-30th
Calgary, Canada August 2-10th

Check out her blog for exact dates and other information.

on Jane's dress, Claire flower clip, and poppers on her shoes.
How about my yellow hair pin? All from EmersonMade.
The cutest accessories you can get to dazzle up just about whatever you want!