Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to the sun, again

(Mr. Nielson, Dr. M., and Nurse Sunshine in the laser room)

Mr. Nielson and I are pretty used to 'the-flying-to-Arizona-routine'.
We know the best places to park at the Salt Lake City airport, and where to stop for a magazine or two. We know when to board the airplane, where to sit, when to sleep on each others shoulders (around Lake Powell). We also know the quickest way to the Alamo car rental place in Phoenix and, who to talk to and what car we can expect.
We know what channel to listen to in the car and
we know where to stop for lunch (LGO, of course).

Our mission this trip:
1. Mr. Nielson gets laser work done by Dr. M. (like this)
Dr. M's office is like nothing you've seen. Ultra hip and modern. Dr. M. gave me a bag with Mr. Nielson's "cream" and it looked like a high-end shopping bag,
oh and a glass bottle of voss water.
He also had the crispest most white doctor lab coat I have ever ever seen.
Mr. Nielson is doing just fine.

2. Tomorrow, I will meet with my favorite doctor, Dr. L and ask him why he is so inconsistent with his texting and what he's been signing on his guitar lately,
and then I will cut to the chase and get to the scoop on, well, ya know, me.

After a delicious dinner with the Boss and his wife, (my mother-in-law)...whom I will call St. Mary, at Rosa's in Mesa we had a delightful chat mostly about politics.
Now we are retiring to bed.

Be back in town soon....I am excited, remember when I return,
I am going to get my Halloween decorations out!
But, beware APX is guarding our house while we are out.
Just ask Lindsay Kay.

(me with laser protective glasses on)