Monday, September 06, 2010

Autumn color/NieNie asks:

(Jane looks at the window as we stop to check out horses on our Autumn color tour
I personally love the ice cream drip on Mr. Nielson seat...and yes, we had our seat-belts on)

My Favorite time of the Year!!

Tonight was the first evening of the annual Nielson Autumn Color Tour.
This is where we all hop in the family mobile and drive around Utah County.
Every Sunday evening, we will be in search of brilliant fall color.
The journey will take us up the mountain ranges in
many of the breath-taking Utah canyons.
We open all the car windows, have beautiful (Sunday appropriate)
music on (really loud).
Then we all stick our heads out the window and take it all in.

Welcome Autumn.

Today on NieNie asks on Blogher:
Today's picture/question is:
Say Goodbye to white-Its labor day, time to put away your white...
what will you miss most?

(I will miss my white naked children playing in the summer sun. And my white skirts)