Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn color Tour #2/ NieNie asks:

(Jane enjoys the view inside the car)

Yesterday, on Sunday, we enjoyed the second installment of our family Autumn color tour.
After a lovely day of Sunday Sabbath Worship, a 3 hour nap, and delicious dinner
(prepared by the Mr.)

We loaded the family-mobile again and headed out bound for color.

(on the ride to Squaw Peak)
Today took us up to Provo canyon and up to Squaw Peak.
In high school Squaw Peak was the make-out spot for sweethearts.
(probably still is, I'll have to ask my nieces and nephews that one...
scratch that, I don't want to know).
Now the the spot is filled with fall color and excited families enjoying the view.
I think I overheard Claire tell Jane that was the spot she wanted to be proposed to.

(Jane joins the rest of the group on Squaw Peak trail up Provo canyon)

(The gorgeous leaves along the trail)

(Claire and Jane pick Utah's color)

(Claire with her clippers, Mr. Nielson driving us to Squaw Peak, for the Sunday Autumn drive)

(Nic and Ollie enjoying the canyon ride)

(Gorgeous Mt Timpanogos)


Today is NieNie asks on BlogHer.
The question I ask today is:
What does your living area look like at 3:00 pm?

Does it look like this?
Toys everywhere and the kids pooped out?
Go here and tell me. I wanna know!