Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We had a REAL good time.

My sweet friend Katie invited the family to a Real Soccer game.
The Real are from Salt Lake City.
(you pronounce it as RE-ALE)
Katie's dad is Dave Checketts.
He owns the Real.
He also owned the Utah Jazz when he was 28.
I got to sit by him during the game up in the owners box.
If you ever get to sit by Dave Checketts in the owners box (on red leather seats)
you must know and be be prepared to high-five him after
any wonderful play and maybe a double high-five if they score.
Just so you know.

My brother Andrew took his 2 beautiful girls along with
Mr. Nielson, Claire, Jane, Ollie and me.
Someday his daughter Chickie will be the next Mia Hamm. You'll see...

The gang after the game with Andy Williams daughter and Katie's cute Abby.
The Real lion came to greet my children and the other kids up in the box.
My kids would rather die than be cute and fun with big mascots.
Kind of like Santa Claus. They hate that guy.
But not really.

So, you know me, I gave the Lion a nice hug and Mr. Nielson called him "Leo".
Defiantly the best part of the night.
Me and Katie.

The best part of the owners box is the silk flowers below.

Real wins 3-0.
Katie and her family are charming. Really, every single one of them-even Grampa Checketts who looked at me funny and called me sweetheart. It was nice.
I'd like to meet Landon Donovan next.
Mr. Checketts, could you set that one up for me?
Or how about you Bianca?

The End.