Friday, August 27, 2010

The Tree Room

(The Tree Room entrance)

If you happen to be in Provo, or coming from afar.
(all you Freshman dropper-offers)
I know just the place for you to dine.
It is called The Tree Room. Nestled among the mountains up Provo's breathtaking canyon, The Tree Room is Roberts favorite place to dine at among
his utterly famous baby: Sundance.
His handsome face will greet you in a series of black and white
breathtaking photos all over the dinning room.
(I keep wishing he'd greet me in his white Great Gatsby suit ahhhh)

(Bob's face in photographs on the way to the Tree Room with sister Page and Vance)

The Tree Room (named for a live tree growing inside the dining area) has succulent food.
(And when was the last time you could say that about YOUR favorite restaurant??)
Chef Jesse made us feel right at home with delicious vegetarian dishes. I did however, eye the meat dishes and the quality is superior, the food is mostly grown right here in Utah (we had such delicious tomatoes and watermelon).
The fish freshly caught, herbs freshly picked while all coming to you in a stunning display.

Put on your heels and favorite glittery accessory
(the lighting makes everything glow and sparkle)
and enjoy a night out.

Check out the tree room, and please breathe in every detail once your there,
Its one of those places.
See you there!
Oh, and ask for Greg to wait on you.
And if you are selling a wedding ring, he is looking.
Just a little tid bit to get him to wait on you.

(Page and I chat and dine)


Happy weekend!