Monday, August 30, 2010

Pirates and Pancakes

Over the weekend, we got a lovely package from Smeeks.
To our surprise (and to our collection) we received more Fred face plates.
This time we were excited to receive Mrs. Face plate.
She has cute eyelashes and lips.
Maybe we will start using them everyday to see what
different creations we make. (That would make a fantastic blog idea...hmmm)
From pancakes to tacos to pizza, my children can make just about anything
creative on the Mr. and Mrs. Face plate.
They sit as staple plates on our kitchen counter.

**For him here, or her here.**

Today on NieNie asks on BlogHer!
My question today is:
What are you doing today at 10:00 a.m.

...lets, see I will probably be cleaning the kitchen. Oh, and loads of laundry!
And getting the guacamole and chips out for the boys. All 3 of them!
Or just getting ready for lunch on my new face plates.

Send in your pictures today!
I am going to pick a few of my favorites from what you send in.

(the boys playing "store" in my house at 10:oo)

**Happy birthday Lizzy and Maloy (on Sunday)**