Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A pep talk. A really wordy pep talk.

(The crazy toy /dress-up closet.)

Never tell your kids you will do something, and then don't.
Like, right now for instance I promised Claine (Claire and Jane) that I would go down the cold stairs to their room to say goodnight. I would put on their lullaby music and shut their door.
A nightly ritual that sometimes- depending on my activities for the day never happens.
If, say, I went to the grocery store, took a shower AND made dinner, that calls for bedtime around 7:00 for me. I am done for the day.
But, If I shower,
(which by the way, for someone burned is probably
the worst feeling on this planet....oh I could go on).
and my only other activity for the day is making dinner, then I can do it and I can go to bed at 9:30...with or without kankles.
And I probably could put all the junk back into the toy closet (see above)

I think all my energy was sucked out of me when the plane crashed.
I have to promise myself every morning that I will do anything it takes to get it back. All of it. (even if that means going to yoga at 6:00 am)
I want to do the things I used to do along with the extra things that need to be done now.
I've almost gotten everything else back from that awful day.
I can spend time with my children and nothing stops us.
I get to love my husband and kiss him and more ...(wink*)
I get to decorate my house, scrub the toilet, listen to the crickets out my window
and make school lunches every morning.
Smell the rain, look forward to snow, and go for walks by the mountains.
I can zip up ziplocks, tie my shoes, make a mean chocolate cake, drive and text.
(but certainly NOT together).
Wow, I never thought this day would ever come.
But it has.
There is always hope for something more, something better.

(My grocery list and a lil snack to help with my energy)
I went grocery shopping today then to the nursery (for fall foliage), and made dinner.
We had family home evening, and I even squeezed a shower in.
Oh, and I called my Mom.
But she didn't answer.
She's on a mission. Remember? I wanted to talk post -Emmy awards with her, but I don't think Mission Presidents can watch the Emmy's. Which means, I probably shouldn't either.
(its just that the cast of Mad Men are soo dreamy)
I just got back from kissing my girlie's to sleep.
I can still hear them talking. The conversation just went from Halloween costumes to
Aunt Courtney's unmentionables and then to ultra hip Cousin Lindsay
(who is a varsity cheerleader at her high school).

On my way upstairs, I overheard Mr. Nielson reading to the boys this book.
A family favorite.
His voice is so soothing and think I'll ask him to read me a book tonight.
(Sometimes he reads me bits and pieces of Mitt Romney's new book.)

Tomorrow I will plant my Autumn Glory and then....well then, I'll take it from there.