Friday, August 13, 2010

My G button.

Tonight as I write this Mr. Nielson is picking up the children from my brother Matt's house.
We just got back from our Thursday date night, where usually we see a movie and go to dinner. Or the other way around- dinner first then movie.
I like dinner first because we always get popcorn and red vines and they spoil any hopes of dinner after the movie becuase we are too full of popcorn and red vines.
Its a tradition, except last Thursday (remember, puberty smell) Mr. Nielson surprised me and got Kettle corn. We both were excited and ate about 3 bites before eating it became a chore, and we both decided we'd gladly waste 7 dollars and never do that again.
Anyway, tonight after the movie we decided we were not hungry
(see above story about popcorn and red vines)
And we began talking about someone,( in a very nice way) except we couldn't think of that someone's name.
We thought it over for about 45 minutes.
I told Mr. Nielson I could just imagine the little guys inside my head frantically digging deep into my files looking for that name.
It came to me while Mr. Nielson was getting us chocolate cake at the bakery.
I texed him the exciting news and he texted back that he wanted a clue.
This went on for a while.
Finally he guessed it right before we ate the chocolate cake.
I just heard the car roll up into the garage.
My children are home. The same children that broke my "G" button on my Mac.
And I have to push extra hard to use that key.
Its really bu**in* me.