Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Me and Sally

(me, hunchie and Courtney with child in January 2010....hunchie stitched on my neck July '10)

Since I had my neck fixed, I can successfully do a new few things.
Here they are:

1. I can put a pony tail in my hair. Its not perfect, but better than ever.
2. I can bite my fingernails (not a direct result from Hunchie, but exciting nonetheless)
3. I can crack my neck, like I used too
4. I can kiss Mr. Nielson with more passion
5. I can see turn my head around to check out my back side.
6. My eyes don't droop as bad. That means I don't lose as many contact's and I can cry harder.

I do however kinda feel like Sally from "Nightmare before Christmas".
But that's OK. I am stitched up with love. Right?
I know the talented Dr. L. wont read this, but I just wanted to give him an update on my status. Also for the record, I think he is a brilliant man.

Oh, and:
Linkthis is the awesome comment I got at the grocery store today:
"Oh I just don't know how you do it!
If I looked like you, I'd hide in my bed everyday.
But, look at you! You did your hair and everything today!"

Well, you could do anything too if you and your family watched this tonight.

(Me and Sally in stitches. Man, I wish I had her hair)