Friday, August 20, 2010

Hold on.

(Ollie lives in a different world most of the time, and yes, those are fat crayons strapped
(or taped) to his little hands)

Wait, just a minute!

This is happening way too fast!
When did I say you could go to Kindergarten?
When did I say your feet could grow 1/2 size bigger?
When did I say you could eat so much food to help?
Stop growing.
And for you, Nicholas:
Stop wanting for your birthday to "come tomorrow" because it is NOT.
I refuse to let you grow up. I declare that all birthday's are canceled this year.
Nicholas assured me today that all the food he eats is not making him bigger.
Whew that's a relief.
If only it were true.


Capture your cute children by "clicking out" (kind of like checking out but clicking instead. I am so technology-hip. You heard it from me first...) Ashley Madsen photography. She is a very charming photographer who works in Arizona. But, a little birdie told me that she travels.
Give her a call and see for yourself.
She is pretty amazing, and the best part, she is a "natural light photographer"
That means she is seriously good people.

And, this is where the Mr. and I will be on Saturday. Come- I'll see you there.

AND, congrats to my brother Jesse and his beautiful wife Lindsay!
Baby # 5 arrived today gorgeous and healthy.